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January 05 2015


Enjoy the Superior Level of Protection Offered By Vivint Security

With the significant features of home security systems, a home is 3 times less probable to be burglarized. Along with the protection that it offers to valuable properties and possessions of home, it is worthy enough to invest on home security system for achieving the safety of the family. Before you start repenting for having not installed the home security system in your home, it is the right time to take benefit of the system. Once you start exploring the market for home security systems and devices, you are likely to stumble across various security packages and monitoring services of the security providers like Vivint. Vivint has remained as a best choice for number of people for all their needs on home security. The Vivint security system is based on cellular and wireless connections and hence the homeowner need not bother about cut phone lines or power failure.

Vivint significant features:

Vivint home security systems completely stresses on safety, simplicity and excellent customer service to deliver its clients with best possible home security experience. The products of Vivint features hundred percentages cellular monitoring, the recent GE wireless security systems, mobile access and home automation, do by yourself system and also a thirty day risk free trial that is pretty uncommon in the industry of home security system. Vivint renders a wide range of wireless sensors to recognize the sings of intrusion such as water on floor, a window breaking, smoke in air and a door opening. Vivint security also enables its customers to choose one among the three monitoring packages, which include interactive monitoring, protection monitoring and ultimate monitoring. These packages price around $34.99 to $49.99 and are fully cellular.

Special benefits of Vivint security system:

With great automation capabilities of Vivint security system, the users can have access to highly qualified home automation equipment to control door locks, lights, thermostats and several more. You can also regulate these features from mobile devices, like smart phones, laptops and tablets. Thus, Vivint is always regarded as an ideal solution for homeowners looking to modernize their houses and to improve their lifestyle. Multiple surveillance option is another spectacular feature of Vivint security system. It is unfortunate that most home security companies restrict their surveillance component to fixed cameras. Vivint offers fixed cameras, pan and tilt cameras, outdoor cameras, the footage of which can be streamed to mobile device or PC. Thus Vivint forms the best home security service for those users who are especially interested in the feature of surveillance.

Competitive cellular pricing:

The Vivint company possess three distinct pricing plans for customers to prefer, which comes in the range between $34.99 and $49.99 per month. As Vivint employs nothing else than cellular systems which operate in wireless technology, you can ensure about getting high level of protection which cannot be found on either broadband or landline systems. While comparing the price between different companies, make sure that you look for system being used, as several cheap companies are likely to use broadband or landline systems that are less priced. 

December 04 2014


November 28 2014


September 12 2012


How to Buy Authentic Vivint Security Products Online?

Vivint Security is known for its security systems that are equipped with advanced tools and management features in the name of providing excellent security measures to their clients. It offers a wide range of security packages to choose from. It can even assist you with your move, so you won’t have to worry about security in your new abode. Meanwhile, if you are shopping for Vivint Security system and you want to do it online, make sure to follow these recommendations for safe and secured checkout.

You should only shop at Vivint Security’s official website in order to obtain genuine products. With the advent of online selling or e-marketing, a lot of scammers are also on the rise. They tend to sell popular products including Vivin security tools on their websites, but in reality, they don’t have a single unit in their so-called stocks or inventory. Once they got your payment, they no longer respond to your mails and they even have the courage to block you from their site. Hence, don’t shop at other Vivin dealers or online shops, especially if the price is amazingly low.

See that photos are sharp, clean and not blurry. Blurred photos are one of the signs that the item is either fake or non-existent. These are also taken by low value cameras, which mean that probable sellers are not after of its reputation as a good seller, but only for the money of its probable victims. Aside from that, photos should be labeled well also. And Vivint Security does not have lots of photos in its site, only packages and texts, so watch out for this detail.

Pay through traceable methods only. Paypal, major credit cards and the likes are some examples of traceable online payment methods. Avoid wire transfers to minimized fraudulent transactions. Lastly, scour Vivint security reviews for more information about the company, so you can distinguish the real from the impostors.

How to Find Reputable Sellers of Home Security Systems?

When it comes to home security companies, do not settle for the less. Go for reputable and reliable companies that can provide you with the best tools and machines that keep you safe and secured all day and night. We all want to get the best security system in the market; but sadly, there are a lot of companies that offer substandard tools. Substandard tools don’t last and don’t function at its best. To help you find the right security system provider, here are some guidelines to check out.

Seek recommendations from colleagues and friends who have been using lasting and efficient security systems in their homes and offices. Just ask from reliable sources though and don’t try to ask for suggestions from those working in a certain security system provider. But, don’t rely solely on word of mouth advertisements like this. You should also make necessary research and information digging to find reliable security system sellers. You can look for them online or hop from one store to another in your local security system companies.

When searching for these sellers online, make sure to choose one that has raved positive reviews only. There are sites that offer reviews about companies that sell security systems. Checking out these sites can help you determine the best company that provides efficient and effective security systems without sacrificing your money. Some of these sites that sell superb security systems include FrontPoint security, Vivint Security, Protect America Security and many others.

Check the sites individually. Scour for consumer reviews, value, packages and discounts, services, products and payment options. Compare its prices, products and services offered, so you can weigh which company offers the best items that suit your needs and preferences. Getting a home security system should be thought of well. After all, you are investing on a gadget that can save lives and properties.

August 06 2012

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Why You Need A Home Security System

A lot of people still think that getting home security system is nothing more than an added particular in the home bills. They think they could simply get along with life staying positive that the last thing to happen to them is falling prey to burglars, murderers, sex offenders and other lawless elements. 

Others think that it is not their responsibility to keep their homes secure but that of the law enforcers. That while they pay their taxes, they should live in a fairly secure world, with superheroes for policemen guarding their every move keeping them super safe at night. 

But the truth is, no one is 100% safe in this world. Your dog can only do so much; you can only do so much when danger strikes. How far can you go with protecting your family? Can you seriously risk your property, your life, or that of your loved ones?
Here are just some of the top reasons why you should get a home security system:

1. Cases of burglaries and home intrusions are rising by the minute. 

2. A home without a good security system is a standing announcement that they are an easy target. It sends a message to intruders that they can rob your house because it is too safe for them. 

3. Unoccupied homes are a more tempting target for burglary. A good home security system will tell the burglar to think twice before breaking in – or tell the authorities that someone is trying to break in.  
4. Other than burglary, many security companies also provide alarms for fire, flood and carbon monoxide leaks in the house. In such cases a good home alarm system will notify you  and the right authorities whenever you areaway, or when you are too rested to notice the dangers. 

One good place to get a full and comprehensive home alarm system is ADT Security. They offer security services and devices for homes as well as businesses. Check their website now to know more about them. 

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Home Security Systems that You Should Spend On

So you have finally decided to install a security system for your homes. And you have also decided to get quite generous on it – after all, it is for your family’s safety and protection. 

Going to the home security provider, you are hounded with all the offerings and all the complicated devices all meant to protect and secure even your dog cage. Thus you end up feeling a little confused on which ones to actually spend on. 

What home security devices are worth spending your money on? Which ones are a good and wise investment, and which ones are totally useless?

To help you decide, here is a short list of the things that you should spend on when it comes to your home security system:

Sensor lights – keep the surveillance cameras and cctv’s to your business establishments. For your homes, opt for more energy-efficient and equally effective sensor lights. They monitor disturbances and motions outside your house. A piece of advice though:  avoid putting them where your or your neighbor’s pets may stray as it will trigger false alarms. 

Surveillance Videos for nurseries – having a baby may limit your movements and activities as they require constant monitoring. To help ease your worries on watching your baby while working elsewhere in the house, get a baby monitor. This way, you can watch your nursery while working in the kitchen or your home office. 

Surveillance videos capable of mobile connection – some home security systems have become quite too highly complicated technologically that they can now send live video monitoring straight to your mobile device. 

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Monitors – You’ll never know when fire will break out or your home has been reeking of carbon monoxide. A good fire and carbon monoxide alarming system will not only alert you but will alert the right authorities in time to save you and your family from an impending tragedy. 

A good place to get these aforementioned security systems is ADT Security. To know more about them, reading online ADT security reviews will greatly help. The amount you spend on your home security system is nothing compared to your family’s security and your peace of mind. Get the best one out there for you. 

July 05 2012

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Benefits of Using ADT Security to Protect Your Family

A lot of people are now investing on security systems for their home in order to ensure the safety of their family members and as well as their other investments. This is due to the continuous rise in the number of burglary cases in the country. These people who have invested in these security systems early on are now enjoying a deep sleep every night because they don’t have to worry about becoming a victim of those criminals anymore.

If you are considering buying some home security packages, then you definitely should check out ADT security reviews. This company have already been in the market for 130 years and they are now serving more than 6 million households and business all over the county. They offer really amazing packages that could offer your home and your family the best protection that you can find the market right now.

There are lot of ADT security reviews that you can find online, and they could really help you a lot in discovering the amazing benefits that you get from this really impressive company.  This company offers some of the most advanced and the most effective home security and surveillance equipment that will surely provide you with the additional protection that you need for your home.

Here some of the benefits that you get from ADT security:

·         You get a free keychain remote along with all of their packages. This device allows you to arm and disarm your home security remotely.

·         All of their motion sensors are pet friendly to ensure that you will never be bothered by the alarm unless there is a real threat.

·         The doors that are protected by their security systems produces a sound on a really high decibel, making sure that it would be really hard to ignore it.

·         They also provide a really potent battery back-up to ensure that you will never lose your home’s protection.

If you are seriously concerned about the security of your home, then you should really contact ADT right away for a free quote.  

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Advantages of Using ADT Security for Your Home

ADT security is definitely one of the best options that you have right now when looking for a really good security system for your home. This company have already been providing protection to a lot of households and business in the country for more than 130 years now. The tenure of this company in the security industry just proves that they can really offer you a kind of service that will surely make you sleep well at night.

ADT securityhas some of the best home security equipment in the market right now. This line of home security equipment includes an indoor alarm, door and window sensors, motion detectors, control panel, and a touch pad. Their sensors and detectors are available in hardwired or wireless technology depending on the package that you have chosen.

This company can also offer you the most advanced surveillance and camera systems in the market right now. You can choose from their wide array of equipment that includes a dome camera, DVR, Video duplicator, and a quad splitter. These devices can absolutely help you monitor your home.

 Here are some other really great features that you can take advantage of if you buy any of ADT’s packages:

·         You will get a free key chain remote that will allow you to disarm and arm you home security system remotely.

·         Their security packages also has a digital keypad that which ensures that the ADT’s monitoring unit will immediately be notified about fire, medical emergencies, and intrusions instantly.

·         When the doors that are installed with their security system are opened it immediately produces sound alerts that could reach really high decibels, making it really hard to ignore.

·         Their professional installers will be the one to set up the equipment that you have purchased.

·          The company gives you the option to expand your security system any way that you want in order to enhance the protection of your home.  

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