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January 05 2015


Enjoy the Superior Level of Protection Offered By Vivint Security

With the significant features of home security systems, a home is 3 times less probable to be burglarized. Along with the protection that it offers to valuable properties and possessions of home, it is worthy enough to invest on home security system for achieving the safety of the family. Before you start repenting for having not installed the home security system in your home, it is the right time to take benefit of the system. Once you start exploring the market for home security systems and devices, you are likely to stumble across various security packages and monitoring services of the security providers like Vivint. Vivint has remained as a best choice for number of people for all their needs on home security. The Vivint security system is based on cellular and wireless connections and hence the homeowner need not bother about cut phone lines or power failure.

Vivint significant features:

Vivint home security systems completely stresses on safety, simplicity and excellent customer service to deliver its clients with best possible home security experience. The products of Vivint features hundred percentages cellular monitoring, the recent GE wireless security systems, mobile access and home automation, do by yourself system and also a thirty day risk free trial that is pretty uncommon in the industry of home security system. Vivint renders a wide range of wireless sensors to recognize the sings of intrusion such as water on floor, a window breaking, smoke in air and a door opening. Vivint security also enables its customers to choose one among the three monitoring packages, which include interactive monitoring, protection monitoring and ultimate monitoring. These packages price around $34.99 to $49.99 and are fully cellular.

Special benefits of Vivint security system:

With great automation capabilities of Vivint security system, the users can have access to highly qualified home automation equipment to control door locks, lights, thermostats and several more. You can also regulate these features from mobile devices, like smart phones, laptops and tablets. Thus, Vivint is always regarded as an ideal solution for homeowners looking to modernize their houses and to improve their lifestyle. Multiple surveillance option is another spectacular feature of Vivint security system. It is unfortunate that most home security companies restrict their surveillance component to fixed cameras. Vivint offers fixed cameras, pan and tilt cameras, outdoor cameras, the footage of which can be streamed to mobile device or PC. Thus Vivint forms the best home security service for those users who are especially interested in the feature of surveillance.

Competitive cellular pricing:

The Vivint company possess three distinct pricing plans for customers to prefer, which comes in the range between $34.99 and $49.99 per month. As Vivint employs nothing else than cellular systems which operate in wireless technology, you can ensure about getting high level of protection which cannot be found on either broadband or landline systems. While comparing the price between different companies, make sure that you look for system being used, as several cheap companies are likely to use broadband or landline systems that are less priced. 

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